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Kids Tool Box

To ensure the smooth running of the library and in fairness to all members, please note and observe the following membership conditions:


  • Annual membership will be one year from the date of registration.

  • Membership is not transferable, but can be deferred or refunded at the Committee’s discretion.

  • Members are responsible for notifying the Librarian of any changes to their registration details (address, telephone number, email).

  • Membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the Committee.

  • New memberships must be paid prior to any toys being issued.

  • Annual membership renewal that has not been paid within one month of the due date will be assumed to have resigned as a member of the Library. Such a member will not however be released from unpaid fines or other fees.

Toy Library Sessions

Session Times:  Monday & Friday 9.30am - 11.30am, Saturday 9.00am – 11.30am.

When choosing toys, please remember that unsupervised children are not allowed in the toy room.

There is a public carpark at the back of the Cathedral that is a pay and display area. However, the spaces immediately outside the Library are free to use while in the Library.

The Library is closed on public holidays, school holidays, and occasionally the Saturday of long weekends.  We also close for approximately four to six weeks during the December/January holidays.  Please check the noticeboard at the Library, the quarterly newsletter, and our Facebook page for opening and closing dates. We endeavour to give plenty of notice for all closures.

Roster Duty

Members who choose Duty membership will be expected to complete four duties per year.  Rosters are up on the notice board within the library and members can add their name to any session that is available.

  • The shift is from 9.30am – 11.30am (Monday & Friday) and 9.00am - 11.30am (Saturday). Duty members must be at the Library by opening time for set up and may be required to stay until 11.45am to help pack up (depending on how busy the Library is). If the Library is quiet, duty members may be released early at the discretion of the Librarian.

  • Members on duty are expected to help with tasks such as counting toys in/out, putting them back on the shelves, general tidying of the shelves, and any other odd jobs on the day as directed by the Librarian.

  • We recommend that members do duty without their children present if possible as the time is too long for most children, and it can be difficult for the parent to focus.


Members who are unable to do their rostered day for any reason must let the Librarian know as soon as possible either by phone or email.


If all four duties have not been completed by the end of the year the member will be required to pay $20.00 for each missed duty (this is a pro-rated fee for the difference between a rostered membership and a full fee membership). Failure to pay this will cause the membership to lapse.

Health & Safety

Please do not bring sick children in to the Toy Library.  If the Librarian cannot work because of sickness, and a replacement cannot be found, the Library may be closed at short notice. Last minute closures will be posted on our Facebook page and an email sent out to all members.

We ask that all members clean the toys before returning them to the Library, and that extra vigilance is taken if children have been sick as viruses can live on hard surfaces for a few days. Please refer to the “Tips for Cleaning Toys” guideline.

It is our aim to provide and promote the safe use of toys.  Please let us know of any safety concerns you may have about a toy.  The Toy Library is not responsible for any damage to person or property caused during the use of Toy Library property.

Borrowing Toys

  • Toys are issued for a period of two weeks

  • A member may take out 4 toys + 2 games or puzzles

  • All members must count toys by the description on the box before they are issued, as once they are issued they are the full responsibility of the member

  • Please do not exchange toys with other members or friends or borrow toys on their behalf

  • Please care for toys so that others may continue to enjoy them after you.  Never leave toys outside unless that is what they are intended for. Where possible, place outdoor toys in a sheltered area when not in use to prevent them from weathering and becoming too dirty.

Returning Toys

  • All toys must be returned clean, undamaged, and with all pieces including the boxes and instructions, present

  • Puzzles should be assembled

  • When returning toys, members are required to remain with their toys and help the Librarian to count the pieces

  • Toys returned a week or more overdue will incur a fine of $2 per week per toy

  • Toys must be cleaned before they are returned. Always clean toys at least one day before return (to allow time to dry thoroughly).  If a toy is returned in a dirty condition the toy will be re-issued for another two weeks in order for it to be taken back home to be cleaned.

  • Batteries are not always provided in battery operated toys.  Members may supply their own batteries and on returning the toy to the Library, are entitled to remove the batteries they supplied or may donate the batteries by leaving them in the toy.

  • Members who are unable to return their toys by the due date may let the Librarian know, and the toys will be re-issued for another period of two weeks

Missing Pieces / Lost Toys

  • If a piece of a toy is missing, the toy will be re-issued to the member for another two weeks in order that they find the missing piece

  • If the piece cannot be found, and it is not integral to the operation of the toy, a fine of $5-$7 per missing piece will be payable.  However if the replacement cost of this piece exceeds $5-$7 then the member will be charged accordingly.  The fine is refundable should the piece subsequently be returned before purchase of a replacement.

  • If the piece cannot be found, and it is integral to the operation of the toy, the member will be charged the full replacement cost of the toy as assessed by the Toy Library Committee

Broken / Damaged Toys and Packaging

  • A fine of $5-$7 will be charged for each broken item, however if the replacement cost of this item exceeds $5-$7 then the member will be charged accordingly. If a toy has been rendered unusable then the member will be charged the full replacement cost of the toy as assessed by the Toy Library Committee.

  • The Toy Library Committee may use their discretion with regards to fines for broken or damaged toys that are getting old, as over time naturally they will start to show signs of wear and tear when being used. If you notice that a part of a toy is starting to break or wear please let the Librarian know.


Fines for overdue, missing, and broken toys must be paid within one month of incurring the fine. Failure to do so will result in suspension of membership and the member will be unable to take out any further toys until the outstanding fine is paid.

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